BTVSolo Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Why do I only have Demo drumkits, instruments, and sample folders?
A: To load the other sounds…
in BTV at the top of screen click “file” and then “content” to load content(all the original BTV sounds)
You’ll have to double click to download and then close and reopen BTV to see the sounds in the media browser.

Question1: How does my BTV not have sound?
Question2: Why does the sound crackle so much(pc users)?
Question3: I downloaded asio4all and I don’t see it in my BTV audio settings
A(answers both Q1, Q2, and Q3) If you downloaded and installed asio4all and don’t see it in audio settings, don’t worry about it, you may not need it. Go to BTV system settings, click “system” and set your audio input to “none” and adjust audio output till you get sound
Also try increasing your latency in BTV system settings.
Let me know if this helps.

Question: How do I set up my Beat Thang to work with BTV
Answer: For BT controller mode follow instructions below:
Connect BT hardware to computer with USB cable.
On BT hardware make sure midi port b output is set to “out”.
On the BTV make sure your midi port input is set to Beat Thang
The on the Beat Thang hardware press the soft key for controller to enter controller mode. You should be able to control BTV with the hardware now.
Once you are in controller mode you can then control BTV with the BT hardware.

Question: What does “moving core to SD” mean?
Answer: This means your BT experienced a crash, and is now moving the crash log to your SD card.
To avoid “moving core to SD” insert SD card after BT is fully loaded up.

Question: Why does my email come up as invalid when I enter my email to validate BTV?
Answer: If there is any anti virus protection on computer, you need to adjust it, it’s probably preventing BTV from validating. Also you have to be connected to the internet to authorize

Question: How do I import samples into BTV?
Answer: You can import wav. samples into BTV by placing your samples in the samples folder as follows:
MAC: Documents> BeatThang> Samples
PC: Documents> Beat Kangz> Virtual Beat Thang> Data> Samples
Then you will find your samples in kit, inst, and sample mode under “user samples”.
You will need to make kits and instruments out of samples before you can use then in pattern mode.

Question: How do I import samples into Beat Thang Hardware
Answer: You have to place samples on an external drive(sd card or USB drive)
formatted for Beat Thang. Use instructions in this video to format:
Once formatted place wav. samples in samples folder of external device.
You will find samples in kit, inst, and sample mode on BT device, once external device is connected BT. You have to make kits and instruments out of samples, before using them in pattern mode.

Hip Hop Beat Making Software – Your Own Hip Hop Tracks?

If Hip Hop is your favorite kind of music, then you may have wondered if there was a way to produce your very own hip hops beats. You might think that in order to do this you need some expensive software that would set you back a few thousand dollars. In the past this was correct, as hip hop beat making software was very pricey, but in recent years this has all changed, and there is now some affordable options for every type of budget.

Before using hip hop beat making software

A good way to get into making your own hip hop tracks is to study what is popular right now. What kind of songs are selling lot’s of copies and riding high in the charts? How are these tracks structured and layered? What kind of beats are they using? By doing this, you will have a better understanding of exactly what is required to produce a winning hip hop tune that people would actually want to listen to.

Enter the hip hop beat making software

Once you have these things figured out, then you are ready to start using one of the budget friendly beat making programs available on today’s market. One of the key elements of these programs is that they are very easy to use, meaning you do not require any experience in producing tracks or working in a professional recording studio.

They also come equipped with thousands of sounds and samples, so you will never be at a loss for inspiration when making your own hip hop beats. These sounds come in high quality WAV format, which is exactly what the professionals use, and not the lower quality MP3 which is only suitable for online use.

What hip hop beat making software should I use?

We have tested many different beat making programs, and in our opinion BTV Solo is the best option available to the budding hip hop producer. The reason for this is it’s ease of use, massive range of samples and great price that is affordable for just about everyone.

Ease of use

Btv Solo comes with a set of easy to read instruction manuals that will get you on the path to making hip hop beats in no time at all. The software works on just about any computer, so unlike other software programs that crash all the time, using BTVSolo is a joy to use and a completely painless experience.


You get access to a range of high quality sounds and samples, that will give any track that professional touch. When your friends hear the tracks you are producing, they will think that it has just come out of a professional recording studio.


BTV Solo is probably the best hip hop beat making software because of the cost. At the current time of writing, the price is reasonable at under $50, meaning it is suitable for people on a budget, but the quality is not comprised. Add to this the fact that the price includes free upgrades for life, and it is easy to see why BTV Solo beat making software is being used by thousands of people around the world.

Read Our Review To See Why BTV Solo Is The Best Beat Maker

Does the name Dallas Austin ring a bell? He is only the name behind amazing and award-winning singers like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, TLC, Madonna, Chris Brown, Pink and more. He has created creative beats for these artists more than any other producer/song writer. With 2 Grammy Awards under his belt, he is back to help you create your own beats with the BTV Solo Beat Maker.

So What Is The BTV Solo Beat Maker?

The BTV Solo is a music beat making software that you can use as standalone software; it can also conveniently connect with your MIDI components so you can play your own created music beats in style. Currently, this software is the most preferred by professionals and novices everywhere because it is easy to use and is not complicated to operate compared to popular online beat makers and ready to download software online.

BTV Solo Beat Maker Features

With the BTV Solo you can create music even if you have not touched a mixer or a sequencer before. Everything is simplified without the scary look of a music studio. Expect these amazing features with the BTV Solo beat maker:

The user friendly navigation controls are unlike anything you have ever seen. You may never need to sit down and learn from videos or boring manuals, this interface saves you time and money, let’s you create music right after you have set it up. If for some reason you are stuck and don’t know what to do, they have an arsenal of how to and helpful videos to get you going.

Easy hook up with a MIDI controller so you can use your own set of keyboards or pads.

Easy to use (and understand) features like on screen .wav editing and autochop to “chop” music samples for you. With these helpful features, you can use your own music or samples and import them to your pads and use them in songs.

A fully customizable drum pad that has its own set of attributes you can play around with. You can stretch the software to its limit and create a sound that is uniquely yours with just simple customizing. This is key when making unique music that stands out from the rest.

This music software has a lot to offer when it comes to drums and drum effects but it also has quick effects when you need to jazz up a music beat fast.

You can use the skins that come pre-loaded or import your own skins to make your interface one of a kind. Check out how you can make your interface as cool as the music you create through a simple tutorial.
It can work with any PC or Mac and needs no extra system requirements to make it work.

It is downloadable online, no more paying for shipping and handling fees. The price is also worth the wait, so why rely on beat makers that give you less features for a higher price? BTV Solo, it’s the beat maker that you gotta have!

BTV Solo Review – Is It Worth The Money?

I want tell you about one of the best tools bar none for making beats you will ever come across on the net, and to be honest I think it now reigns king for many reasons. The product is called BTV Solo and let me preface this by saying I have already tried all the major and minor products on the market, as beat production is a fun hobby of mine. I’ve also gotten pretty serious about it lately, which is why I like BTV Solo so much and even decided to write a BTV Solo Review.

Make Professional Beats

With Btv Solo, it really allows me to focus on making hip hop beats professionally, so I can actually go to a rapper or artist who has skill or even fame and confidently pitch them my beat. When I was using some of those other programs that were only geared towards house music, I could never get that “pro” sound that really sets you apart from the crowd. When I started messing around with the BTV Solo production software, I immediately fell in love with it for this reason.

For Beginners And Pros

Another thing I love about BTVSolo is that the interface is very cool and very user friendly. You do not have to be a computer genius to be able to master this program, and you will absolutely shock yourself with the quality of original beats you can make from scratch even with little to no experience. My first time messing around with it I made a beat that I actually put on soundclick and sold several copies.. yes I had previous beat making experience with other softwares, but there is no way I could make a good beat that fast on any other program other than BTV Solo.

The software is just like the hardware – however it’s on your computer. This opens up all kinds of possibilities with midi, with importing unlimited samples, making skins, and more! The thing that is so obvious about Btv Solo is that it was made by true hip hop heads, not some mathematical engineers. That becomes more and more evident as you delve deeper in the program, and sample over 1000 pre-made beats that will have you boppin’ your head whether you like to or not.

BTV Solo Comes Packed With Sounds

BTV comes fully pre-packed with 1000+ sounds, beats, loops, drums, snares, melodies and more that you can customize, warp, combine, mix and add into your own truly original and unique sound. This is the first time that young hip hop producers and beat makers have a chance to match the sounds of producers like a Boi-1da, Timbaland or Dr. Dre beat by using the latest and greatest in today’s technology.


The bottom line is that there are tons of different beat making software companies out there claiming the world, but why would you listen to them pitching themselves? I have tried them all and can honestly say that BTV Solo is now #1 on top of my list. The fact that you’re able to quickly and easily make world-class hip hop beats that actually sound professional is enough to push any aspiring beat maker over the edge. I hope you have enjoyed my BTV Solo Review and it has given you the information you were looking for.

BTV Solo Review – How To Make Beats With BTV Solo

There is something unique about the BTV solo beat maker that makes it receive rave reviews from the public and some of the hottest names in music today. Usually coming with a hot beat is never easy, for any person, not even superstar music producers, but this nightmare has been put to rest with the long awaited launch of the BTV solo beat maker. Look at the song mode in the beat maker, it comes in great help and makes it very easy for you to put your finished beats together and make a final product or to edit and make changes to small parts or to add some effects and more. It allows your beats to be arranged and placed in segments that result in your master copy of your beat. You can put them in any order and end up with any type of song or beat you or the artist you’re working with desires. This is one of the many reasons we see so many BTV Solo Reviews and why it is receiving such high praises worldwide.

How To Buy BTV Solo Review

The quick to access effects buttons are another main reason that make the software get positive comments. This is found on the right side of the program and it is easy to locate. One does not have to search for the effects buttons all over the place. With this you can access and preview any sounds and compare them with other sounds that are built in the software. This can give one a whole recording experience and it doesn’t take an expert to use the features. The fact that it can be operated by anyone makes it the most spectacular software for any person who has an interest in making beats either as a hobby or profession.

BTV Solo Memory

You can save your beats, songs or sounds in the software and access them at any time. The software comes with its own memory so you don’t have to worry about your computer running out of memory. It has section called banks where you can place different instruments and sounds. There is no other beat maker as unique as this one. It is the only beat maker that can allow a person to listen to different beat at the same time in different banks. When you compare the cost of BTV Solo and the work it does, it is the best value for your dollar in the beat making world.

BTV Solo is backed up by the most popular music icons in the music industry, and that says a lot about the product. It is easy to navigate it with the visible navigation pads and it is works well in Windows PC and Apple’s Macintosh. It can make beats, melodies and real songs plus recording and saving them all locally.

Tips For Producers & Beat Makers

What should you look for in beat making software?

There are a couple things you need to make sure of when you are buying beat making software. One is that it makes the type of music that you want, and in this case we are going to assume that is hip hop. The second is that it needs to have that sweet spot where it’s easy to learn, difficult to master. That means that you can get started making usable and sick beats right away, but there are areas to improve on and master that will turn you into a world class pro. Out of all the computer studio software and beat making software out there, the one making the most noise is BTV Solo.

What Is the best beat making program?

There will always be tons of debate about what is the best overall beat making program. I have tried them all since I was just a teenager and I am now nearly 30. It all comes down to the type of music you want to make, your budget and your skill level. Out of all the ones I tried, BTV Solo rated #1 for making hip hop beats. The other ones sounded very 1990′s and the sounds were just not modern. I guess they can get away with it when they have so many sales for house music producers. A real hip hop head, however, will love BTV Solo because it has this “realness” to it that you don’t find with other software.

Can you make a living as a producer?

You absolutely can make a living as a beat maker. Using a top program such as BTV Solo for instance, will allow you to really pump out professional sounds and quickly. Then you can turnaround and sell them either online at a site like soundclick or beatport, or in your local area through your connections. Both avenues can be very profitable for a talented beat maker.

The reason a program like BtvSolo can help you make a living is because it takes two major factors to make cash selling beats – quality and quantity. You need to have great beats, and lots of them. Therefore a software that is all about easy beat making yet still comes out with those fire sounds is all you really need. BTV Solo software really comes through in this area.

Do you need a studio or can you be an online beat maker?

You do not need a studio to become the next Timbaland. Now more than ever you can literally get famous from your apartment, mom’s basement or even the library. All you need is a set of headphones, a computer and a hot program like BTV Solo. Wiz Khalifa used to get all his beats online and now those producers are big names, they made some of his best beats on some half working laptop and a pair of good headphones. Drake used to get his beats from local producers in his town and now his two main producers Boi-1da and “40” are known worldwide and working with every major artist.

What are some important things about Beat Making music studio software?

Don’t overpay. You can get a lot of hype about a product that won’t even make the kind of music you need, or it’s only for pros with 10 years experience. And on top of that, you don’t really get that quality spike that you need. Always go for a software that is really suited to your needs, which is why urban hip hop producers are flocking to BTV Solo.

The 1000 plus preset sounds that you can chop up and mix and stack along with the complete freestyle option, allows literally anyone with a little time to start producing sick beats. The best part is that BTVSolo is actually affordable, even though they could get away with charging 5x more.

Is there an affordable hip hop beats creator?

Like mentioned earlier, it’s unfortunate that so many companies overcharge for beat making software. It’s part of the industry and people really don’t want it to get flooded. Why? Because with hard work and determination, you can be the next big thing in music production and they know it. Until now, the really cheaper products did a good job, but not good enough. Finally there is a happy medium, a cutting edge and pro sounding beat maker that can turn you from a relative nobody to hip hop producer overnight. BTV Solo is priced super cheap too, and won’t leave a dent in your savings even for the full version, which is all you need to make the highest quality, rap star ready beats and instrumentals.

How to Turn Your Computer Into a Recording Studio

Music software has been used in the studio since the late 60’s.
However, there are a number of applications that preserved the essence of time. MasterTracks,, and EJay are good classical examples to add in a computer studio. Also, the music business can be overwhelming if the style is Hip Hop, Reggae, or Rb. Computer programming in the music industry all have basically the same thing with a slight difference depending on your needs and genre.

Equally important, learning to use Macintosh or PC requires a lot of skill, and hours to master the music programs.

Busy individual’s don’t have enough time on their hands to produce good music. Even though, the internet is a great tool to take advantage of it offers the assistance of finding good quality sound. Nevertheless, the producers display the name of software that they used to make the music.

In the studio a person can spend two hours, or forty hours on a instrumental composition. Music is typically not hard to produce with one music program, but can take about three years to master the application. Once, an individual becomes proficient in an application they can move on to other programs to produce better sound.

An average producer in United States has about six to twelve music applications to produce good music in their studio.

Experience with music software has its reward in television stations, and with recording companies. Furthermore, software groups hire qualified people to showcase their applications to the people. Some colleges depending on the city, and state offer degree programs.

The certification received from the University, or Private School are a sign that it does take time to be a good producer. Since, the computer a person chooses to experience with is not important they should concentrate on the technology. Nevertheless, some softwares were designed by architecture, and engineers to lead you into other careers for better rewards.

There are hundreds of music programs to build a studio, but the recent one in the market today as of 2012 is Btvsolo. The program looks very professional for beginners. Equally important, a person can use it on their laptop computer. The program is very easy friendly to impress clients, friends, or business partners.

This applications is, for Macintosh or PC computers. However, it does not have an application on the phone like some companies. The programming uses the technology of a drum machine to produce sound. Most people use it as a keyboard or a sampling machine.

The application has 1000 sounds built in, and is compatible with other programs. Equally important, developing a studio is challenging with other programs to choose from.


Rap Beats – A Basic Tutorial

If you want to learn how to make hip hop beats then you must first understand its history. Hip Hop music or Rap music has a deep rooted history spanning decades, and most probably way further back than most people realize with it really coming to light in the late 70s and early 80s. The early rappers and the pioneers would almost certainly resonate with today’s hip hop artists, the music itself on the face of it is nothing at all similar. Or is it?

Take one of the first commercial rap artists Kurtis Blow. He had an all-time classic with “The Breaks”, and when you listen to it carefully you can certainly hear those tones & tomes in the Hip Hop legends of the modern day.

What this means for us producers creating hip hop beats today is that we have a vast array of inspiration to use giving us every chance to produce an original hip hop track. While this gives us freedom we first have to understand the construction of a hip-hop song, as with all music genres there are certain features that define its style and sound.
This article shows you how to make hip hop beats yourself, the elements of a hip hop beat and how the beats fit with the rest of the rap.

Let’s break down what a hip hop track is…

Components of Hip Hop music
Essentially there are just two main components of a hip hop song – the vocals (obviously) and the underlying beat. Both of these elements are recorded on multiple tracks, and that’s part of the secret of getting a well-produced sound. For the purpose of this article I’m going to stick with these basic elements since they are by far the most important when it comes to hip hop production.

Traditionally the word beat in musical production terms is meant to mean the drum and percussion parts only. This is still the case but in hip hop circles the beats are mainly used as a reference to the whole beat including any instruments, scratches and loops. Think of the whole track without vocals – the dub version if you like. For this very reason, when I talk about ‘beats’ in this article, I’m referring to the whole dub track underneath.

Bass line
The next most important part of a hip-hop track is the bass line. Think back to the Kurtis Blow track we listened to at the beginning and you’ll quickly realise it’s the bass that’s driving the rest of the song. This is the same in all modern dance or pop music, and it’s just as important in hip hop music.

Extra Drum tracks
It’s often not enough just to have a drum loop playing from a sample even if some of the best rap artists in history have only used a beat-box or a record being looped, for our top production quality we’ll want to be adding extra parts. This also helps us to vary the beat for different sections of the song (more on that later).

Samples & Extra sounds
Those scratches and background sample / voice samples you a good deal of the time in a polished commercial hip hop chart hit – these add the sparkle to the final mix.

Pianos, Strings, Stabs, Horns, Synths, Guitars – any other real instrument in fact! Real instruments play a massive part in a quality production. You only have to listen to some of the biggest Grammy winning artists to hear this. This is your place to be really creative too.

Those are the basic elements of what makes a hip hop song without one obvious thing – the vocals!

Rap vocals are the main point of hip-hop Vocals in Hip Hop Production. Let’s talk about vocals then. A lot of people see rapping as a one-man band, with just one vocal line rapping over the top of a beat. Really that one vocal line is just a part of many some more obvious than others – such as the backing vocals or backing raps that often just accompany one or two words every now and then. I’d like to break down a fairly standard model of how vocals work in Hip Hop music.

There are usually four distinct layers – the main vocal, a second vocal (if the song requires it), backing vocal tracks and then overdubbed vocals by the main artist.

The main vocal track
Obviously this is the most important part of the whole song, so excellent clear recording is required to start with – it will only be a headache later on in the mix if you don’t get this right. Correct choice of mic and placement is essential to this, especially with rap vocals where there are likely to be a lot of plosive sounds and consonants.

Backing Vocals
As with all commercial and pop music backing vocals are an essential part of a good production. They don’t have to be extensive or huge in sound, in fact sometimes less is more when it comes to music production, but there will be some somewhere usually. It’s just as important to consider mic placement with backing vocals and choosing whether to have record the vocalists singing in a well-rehearsed group or individual tracks, both methods have their merits and reasons.

When you listen to a hip hop song or commercial chart hit have you ever wondered what makes the chorus stand out and sound big compared to the rest of the song? Well part of that is down to recording vocal overdubs on the chorus parts. Essentially are just a re-recording of the same vocal line (or part of it) overdubbed to add a “chorus” effect. I won’t explain the science of it here, but the basis is that it sounds like two or more of the exact same person singing together.

Additional Vocal Track
Depending on the song itself, you may have an additional or second guest vocalist on the track. It’s certainly not uncommon for hip hop superstars to record songs together, with neither being consigned to backing vocalist – they’re both just as important as each other, and for this reason we treat the additional vocalist track in the exact same way we do the main vocal part. It’s not difficult as the main vocalist & guest don’t normally sing together or even in the same verse. The only time you’re likely going to have to mix them together is in the chorus part.

This is the fundamental construction of most hip hop songs broken down into its elements. As you can see it’s not really that complex and you can always produce fantastic results if you follow a few basic principles and stick to a handful of loose rules. I’m not going to go into details on exactly how to record vocals as that’s a huge topic by itself which we’ll cover later, for now we’re going to look at how to create hip hop beats. (Remember that’s the whole track without the vocals, not just the drum parts!)
Hip Hop Beats – Components of the beats See all 9 photos I’ve already described the beat as the whole song minus vocal tracks, and how the ‘beats’ are divided into elements, so now let’s go a bit more in depth for each one of those and describe how they are constructed.

Drum beats
The two main methods of creating hip hop beats are using drum loops or sample loops and MIDI drum patterns. Today the term MIDI is used slightly out of context but the idea is that it’s a sequencer / drum machine programed beat written usually in a tracker or a beat maker.

Drum Loops / Sample Loops
By far the quickest and easiest way to get your song off the ground is with a loop, which is why it’s considered the main method of working in hip-hop. It’s roots are in those guys spinning up a loop on a record (yes vinyl) letting the 4 or 8 bars play then skilfully spinning / slipping it back to the start of the loop again. It’s not difficult to understand why most hip hop producers and artists today still start with this method, but now there’s a new generation of producers with some amazing software or beat makers that can give them instant and easy access to programing beats the MIDI way.

All of the decent hardware beat makers have auto-chop / slice features if you are considering buying one for this purpose – I won’t make any recommendations at this point because they all have their positives, the main thing I will say is software is the way to go if you’re on a budget.

BTV Solo is an excellent budget beatmaker that is perfect for rap beats. For a low cost beat maker I’ve found BTVSolo excellent particularly for hip hop beat production as it’s really easy to be creative and not worry about programming – you just literally tap the beat out and it’ll quantize automatically so the beats are always perfectly in time, and then you can add any kind of shuffle or skip to it real easy.

With drum programming like this I tend load up individual samples as drum sounds and assign them to the buttons on the controller or in the software editor, as opposed to using one of many premade kits, just because I want to sure I’m thoroughly original, but most beat makers have excellent libraries included.

To really get your own sound you load up your own – if there’s a snare or kick sound you love from one of your favourite songs – you can sample it and edit the sample in your software, add effects until you get the sound you want and voila – you have a new drum sound in your library. A great deal of hip hop music uses samples of drum sounds from old records, so you really can think outside the box here when it comes to choosing your samples.

The Top 3 BTV Solo Features Reviewed By Us

BTV Solo is one of the best beat making programs that has become increasingly popular with both amateur and professional music makers because of its exceptional features. In this BTV Solo Review we take a look at the top 3 features that you must know about before buying BTV Solo:

Review Of BTV Solo

The BTV Solo Top 3

One of BTVSolo’s finest features is it’s navigation system that’s so user-friendly that a cave man could use it lol, but seriously with all the keyboard shortcuts, pads and triggers. It enables the user to be easily familiar with its simple layout and create beats, music, custom samples and kits without spending a bunch of time on figuring out how each button works. Using a midi controller lets you enjoy keyboard accessibility when you connect it to the computer. This program also permits you to modify the bar length in order to accommodate various patterns while recording.Get BTV Solo Here
The notes automatically snap into place whenever they are slightly off. This is known as quantizing and its range is from 1/2 up to 1/64. BTV Solo’s record mode lets you overwrite and replace tracks easily and you may also change the tempo of a song just by tapping it in. The interface of the BTV Solo enables .WAV editing with the use of end or start points and Autochop to make your kits and samples flawless. Its Autochop feature can be used on CDs, records, MP3’s or any other music or audio sample that you import into the program.

BTV Solo offers you an so many options it is really hard to narrow down just three, but for the sake of this article I have tried. BTV Solo’s advanced features are some of the highlights of this software that you cannot find in other beat making programs. The Attack feature can determine the sound speed and can soften the sound’s sharpness. Also, there’s a Decay, Sustain and Release option enabling a sound to have an echo or a tail end. BTVSolo comes with sounds you can edit and customize or you can import your own very easily. If you are a professional user, this software contains kit building and you can navigate over a velocity screen assigning voice groups. You can also modify the end and start volumes. Aside from that, it showcases Pitch and Mod wheels appearing on the computer screen. You may use it for previews or in live production view. It can also record mod, bend or pitch to help you in putting more flexibility to the music you’re creating.

With all its innovative features, BTV Solo allows the creation of music from scratch and offers so much fun, flexibility and creativity. This is what sets BTV Solo apart from all the other beat making programs in the market and the reason I had to write this BTV Solo Review.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Music Production Program For PC

In recent years, beats production software have made professional and amateur music lovers alike fall in love. One can create music right from a desktop without having to purchase expensive and fancy music equipment.

When choosing music production programs for PC, there are several things to consider:

Functions and Features

While there are a lot of affordable beats production software available, you must make sure that is packed with the best features that can help you be at par with the big wigs of the music industry. There are times that the most expensive or the cheapest is not the best for you, you need to look for the music production software that has the right interfaces, plugins, formats, and other elements that you need to have to create your beats.


In order to create your own beats and your own music, you need a beats production software that has the right features so your creativity will not be limited but aside from having the technical capabilities, it must be easy and convenient to use. It is useless to have a very complicated program where you have to struggle finding the right button to click instead of thinking if you have created the hit that will top the charts.

Complete Performance

The music production program for PC that you will pick must be scalable with the specifications of your laptop or desktop computer. Given that you have the right computer setup, a beats software must not slow down when the processing of sounds and beats get pretty complicated.

Technical Support

When getting a beats production software, it will be best to get a mainstream product that is trusted by other professionals in the music industry. This way you are certain that there will be enough technical support in case you will need help in the future. If you opt for a music production program that is barely known, then you are also dealing with the lack of technical resources to help resolve technical issues that might pop up during music production.

Best Music Production Software

At the moment, one of the most reliable and coolest music production software in the market is BTVSolo. It is being used by newbie and world-renowned producers alike. It allows you to create amazing hip hop or electronic music without needing get hold of a single musical instrument. All you need is your computer keyboard.

The music program for PC or Mac comes pre-loaded with more than a hundred acoustic and electronic instruments, sound effects, professionally-created tracks, and a built-in mixer to help you put things together.

The BTVSolo also comes with more than a thousand engineered sounds that you can work with for your own tracks. Music producers will also have access to editing tools that are easy to use from pitch-shifting, timestretch, autochop among others to make sure you have the clearest and the best sounds before releasing your next would-be platinum music album.

The right music production software can help you reach your dreams of being the next artist to rule whatever music genre you want. If you do not have a music studio yet, a music program for PC can help you create beats from the comforts of your own home.