The Best Hip Hop Beat Making Software


Even if you have no hip hop experience, or music experience in general, absolutely anyone can create their own hip hop beats on their computer.

All you need to get started is a solid hip hop beat making software and a single pair of head phones.

So which hip hop beat maker to choose? The #1 recommendation for all experience levels is BTVSolo. Even if you never made a beat in your life, you can produce a nice beat in no time. It is extremely easy to use.

BTVSolo is perfect for the new beat maker because it comes with tons drum kits, preset patterns, preset effects + more; so you never really have to start from scratch and can still output a unique beat.

On top of that, BTVSolo is the perfect hip hop beat maker because of the dedicated support and abundance of in-depth training videos. If you get stuck along the process, you can easy check back in the training videos or shoot a ticket to support to get help right away.

Which Is The Best Music Production Software?


There are many music production softwares on the market to create your own music. One of the newer softwares available is BTVSOLO. BTVSOLO continues to get rave reviews across the internet. It stands out because not only is it a state of the art music production software, but it is also incredibly easy to use. In fact, some of the biggest musicians and famous stars have been using BTVSOLO as shown below:

music production software

The thing that separates BTVSOLO from all the other music production software is how easy it is to use. You don’t have to have any experience with beats or music in general. Nor do you need to be computer-savvy. Anyone with a computer or laptop could jump right in and start making smooth beats right away with BTVSOLO. The best music production software for the computer is BTVSOLO.




BTVSOLO is a music production software for PC and MAC. Using nothing more than the keyboard, users can produce their own unique music beats. The software comes with over 1,000 professionally engineered sounds, over 100 professionally made tracks, over 100 professionally designed drum kits, over 100 premium electronic and acoustic instruments, a built-in mixer, and over 60 built-in effects. With BTVSOLO, you can sound like a professional and develop your own sound. The BTVSOLO software  has tons of features:

  • Fast and easy navigation, shortcuts, and triggers
  • Quantize, recorder modes, swings, and bar structures
  • .WAV editing and autochop
  • Effects, delays, and reverbs
  • Attack, decay, sustain, and release
  • Precise kit building and keyspanning
  • Pitch, pan, cutoff, and resonance per sound
  • Custom kit builder mode
  • Custom instrument mode
  • Song mode is efficient and smart
  • On-board quick effects and mastering kit
  • Modulation and pitch wheels


BTVSOLO Music Production Software Review