How To Become A Beat Maker

Creating your personal exceeds can certainly put cash in the bank, a admittance to your perfect home but been this made life-style. Nonetheless, you’ve got to be excellent. You furthermore is deserving of your present music to people, to allow them to purchase it! Whenever you notice a tunes video, you’ve got no thought simply how much arrange it takes to create. Receiving anything you need will require effort and a lot of endurance. It’s important to manage to emphasis together with strive.

People, who don’t succeed, are the type people which are pleased to generate tunes only for themselves. You might need desire as well as talent to really make it. Without any so what can be done… so lengthy. When you are not decided to some brand in addition to manufacturer, you can keep 100% from you’ve made. Involve a producer amongst others and so they obtain substantial minimize!

Here’s the secret to be able to being effective, presently be aware…

Then i heard beat makers for example Dr. Dre and Timbaland, in addition to Darkchild, also known as Rodney Jerkins. I loved these producers simply because they put a lot of sound which i was familiar with creating to their stylish hop beats and pop beats.

It is because within my existence like a beat maker and music producer, I spend the majority of time making beats and creating music. I do not genuinely have just as much time for you to relax like many people. I’m making stylish hop beats, rap beats, or r&b instrumentals, or I am focusing on marketing my beats to labels and tv systems, in addition to on multiple web sites.

After I create beats, I truly attempt to incorporate my signature seem of dramatic movie scores combined with smooth jazz, and keep the stylish hop beat simple for a rapper circulation into it.

Gaining access to software programs are the toughest part, these programs cost 100s of dollars. The good thing is you can test btv solo, the promotion cost only need 39.95 USD.

The entire process of creating rap beats, stylish hop beats, in addition to r&b instrumentals may be the fun area of the industry, and anybody who has only down to making beats can and really should be grateful that they’ll concentrate on the fun and inventive part although some other sucker needs to go and perform the relaxation from the dirty work.


Earphones and studio loudspeakers play an important role in almost any music production particularly when making beats for example dub step that are very instrumental. Hence it’s vital to choose the earphones which have good reception and studio loudspeakers that can produce obvious sounds in order to have the ability to produce good beats.

Learning involves optimizing all aspects of a beat do that it may seem perfect which a vital aspect is. Finding out how to do seem learning isn’t usually essential for a novice for making dubstep beats. But you should learn it prior to starting or perhaps in the first steps because it enhances ones abilities and enables someone to produce quality beats.

Because of the truth that you will find variations of dubstep beats, it is usually important for you to pay attention to the various styles and understand which beat that they like most plus they will discover easy to make. It is because one will probably learn faster when they focus on the design and style that they like most instead of focusing on the design and style they don’t enjoy focusing on.

BTV Solo Sounds – Make Music Just Like the Pros

As a beat making software, BTV Solo already surpasses other similar software with the same purpose. One of the most interesting things about this program is the fact that multiple-platinum producer Dallas Austin has been consistently using this very same software in producing grammy award winning & billboard topping hits for a long time. Precisely the same – except for one primary distinction; you can easily install it on your computer in minutes and work on your music from there. So, now you ask: what about the BTV Solo sounds; how do they stack up compared to all the other beat making programs out there? Well for starters, Dallas and his team have been using these exact sounds and have spent years making and designing them to be good enough to use in some of the biggest hit songs you hear on the radio.

Of course, you’re concerned about the FX; but you need not worry…you’d be pleasantly surprised at the fantastic sounds you can create for such a reasonable price. Along with its sleek features, you’d be blown away by the quality of BTVSolo sounds and how much attention has been given to even the smallest detail. The more than 1000 superior quality samples and sounds that come with the purchase of the software alone are a major selling point already. They are giving you an entire library of sounds and samples that are worth thousands of dollars alone! Other sample kits don’t even have half as much samples, yet sell for five times the price of this software.

Just the Way You Like It!

BTV Solo sounds are so cool; they can actually blend together without any additional effects or processes. You can simply pick at random a few samples from various libraries, which were obviously perfected with meticulousness; you can tell right off the bat that a lot of time has been spent to come up with such flawless sound quality. If you want that clean track with a “recorded-live” feel to it, you are guaranteed sounds that are so crystal clear and highly polished; a simple vinyl effect can actually make your chosen sample style sound like it’s been lifted directly off of a record.

On the other hand, if you’re like some producers that prefer the raw, unpolished sound, you are given the option to make it as “dirty” as you desire. There’s a huge number of drums/percussion, strings, guitars, bass, and pianos to choose from; and a great selection of unaltered synth patches that you can fine-tune and manipulate in whatever way you want.

Do you want the best of both worlds? No problem. If you want to combine a bit of both raw and ultra-polished sounds, then do so by all means. This versatile software definitely allows you to do that with on-board mastering and real-time sequencing. You can even create and record your own samples; just load the preset samples into the auto-chop and you’re ready to rock and roll. Or if you prefer, you can import your own instruments, sounds and kits at any given time, which can be done in a heartbeat.

Be the Next Hit Maker

The bottom line here is, the sounds and samples you use are crucial to making your beats hot – or NOT. The included sounds are utilized by some of the music industry’s biggest names, precisely because, they’re hot. One of these days, an unknown producer is going to come out of nowhere and is going to use this software and come up with a winning track that’s sure to become a hit. And it could be YOU. With BTV Solo sounds (which is hands down, the hottest music creator on the market today) at your fingertips; it’s not far off at all. You just have to have this fantastic software to do so.

Great BTV Solo Review


This is the same software that they use in the $1500 hardware version of BTV except it runs on your computer and that’s one of the main reasons they offer it at such a low cost. The main advantages of the software are that you can save and edit all your sounds and projects right to your computer. To make the deal even better is the fact that it comes with built in kits from platinum selling, multi grammy award winning producer Dallas Austin himself.


The BTV Solo beat maker comes with all the tools you will need to make Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, Pop, Dubstep and any other genre of music you can think of – the possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination and it can all be done from the comfort of your home right on your computer (PC or MAC).


All the samples and kits have been professionally mastered and engineered to a professional level so you won’t have to waste time editing your kits to make them sound right.

The software works for Mac and PC, integrates a 16-Track sequencer, fully functioning digital EFX, 1000+ pre-loaded sounds, sampling, and waveform editing with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.


Bottom Line – This software was made by producers – for producers. It’s interface is simple to learn and let’s anyone whether beginner or pro, with or without experience make music instantly. It gives you access to real deal, pro quality sounds & samples that major producers like Dallas Austin have been using for years. These aren’t your average sounds that you can find online, these have all been carefully crafted to work well with any genre of music. You can import your own sounds and samples so that you have your own custom kits and huge library of kits at your disposal. This offer is great for many reasons – too many to write about here, but let me end by saying this…If you a veteran beat maker or has made beats before on another system then this will be second nature to you and is an all in one DAW that fills a lot of voids found in other products. If you are a beginner just starting to make beats or have played around with other inferior programs and are looking for a real deal beat making program BTV Solo is it.

More BTVSolo Questions & Answers

1. Does my computer can run this software? What’s the system requirements?

Well, you know the btv solo system can run in windows and MAC, so we will answer this questions divided:
For windows, the system requires 1GB RMB(or better), at least Pentium CPU, the system need windows XP or higher, and the free space is 900MB or larger.
For Apple MAC users, 1GB RAM like windows, system need OSX 10.6 or greater, and the free space is 900MB too.
Generally speaking, this software suit for the most computer, don’t worry about the system requirement.

2. How hard about this software? Is this easy?

Yes, we know most of us is not computer genius like bill gates. So the system creator also agree with this. This software not developed for computer geeks but for those who love music.

3. What’s the BTV Solo official website?

Easy, the answer is

4. Do I need a MIDI keyboard to use BTV Solo?

Of course not. BTV Solo is totally stand alone and maps out an online keyboard onto your computer’s keyboard. Should you choose curently have one then it’s better still as BTV Solo will directly use your overall MIDI keyboard.

5. Why the price is so cheap?

First of all, the BTV Solo is 399 USD as usual, and we get the special price for our visitors and just for this month.
We would like to make a product which was affordable for everybody, something which will give everybody the opportunity to produce amazing music. It’s understandable that people we do hope you love BTV Solo and upgrade to conquer Thang Virtual or even the Beat Thang hardware, but BTV Solo is made to empower as many folks as you possibly can to create their very own music. You want to ensure that it stays in achieve of everybody because we like music and know you will find a lot of unheard artists, and we’re just waiting to listen to another number 1 debut!

6. Does it run online or as a desktop application?

It’s the same as every other application that you simply install in your Mac or PC -works likewise. You download it from the web whenever you make your account within our people area, then do the installation after that.

7. If I don’t like this software, any refund?

Yes, totally of course, 100% money back. If you don’t like this software or any other reason, 100% money back within 60 days. You will take no risk at all.

Full BTV Solo Features List

  • Use in both PC and MAC
  • It’s Custom Package Builder Mode and Custom Instrument Mode.
  • Audio: 24bit / 16bit / 44.1kHz: sampling, playback and export.
  • Controller Options: Trigger sounds and processes making use of your key pad, or any compatible MIDI controller.
  • One octave pad layout with 8 banks so that you can bang out beats OR take part in the secrets over 8 octaves.
  • We have an Outstanding Freaks Effects(It requires your own music to another dimension with effective, hard-striking effects which will add dynamic expression for your seem.(In my opinion you will not understand this along with other Music Maker Software. And Has great Delay and Reverb Tools and you may Select from a lot of reverbs and delays, or make your own
  • It’s Efficient and Wise Song Made.
  • Add BANG with onboard learning!
  • Import/Export .wav or .aiff files to make use of and interchange freely between BTV as well as your DAW.
  • Record your personal samples straight into BTV Solo making use of your computer?ˉs built-in mic or line input.
  • No load time whenever you switch beats and kits!
  • It offers a superior Pitch and Modulation Wheels.(This really is to provide you with an overall total control of your filters and editing in BTVSOLO)
  • Edit samples with waveform view. Set start/finish points. Normalize, reverse and resample to personalize your sounds.
  • Auto chop enables you to definitely rapidly create mash up parts and custom kits out of your samples. Use that vinyl!
  • Step or Real-time Sequencer. Create designs instantly using quantize, swing, individual bar measures and tap tempo.
  • String them together in SONG mode.
  • Simple to browse file system that syncs using the Beat Thang Hardware.
  • It’s Excellent Quantize, Record Modes, Shifts and Amazing Bar Structure and you may edit them as frequently as you desire.
  • It’s Quick and simple Wave Editing and Autochop (Import and Export your Sounds whenever and wherever you would like Automaticallly)
  • Its full Advance Features: Attack – Decay – Sustain – Release, together You are able to Fully Personalize they seem of the drums, basses, pianos, synchs, and much more.
  • It’s Precise Package Building and Key spanning.(This can enables you to definitely build new Drum kits rapidly.
  • It’s nice Pitch, Pan, Cutoff, and Resonance per Seem.(This permit you to adjust and Personalize the sounds anything you like)
  • On-Board Quick Effects and Learning Package! (This really is accustomed to connect to the Seem effect FAST)
  • It’s Stereo system quality 44.1 kHz 16 bit .wav library or load your personal 16 and 24bit samples!

BTV Solo Review Short Features List

BTV Software Includes: 1,000 samples & synths, 50 premium drum and percussion kits, 50 premium acoustic and electric playable instruments, and 50 professionally engineered preset patterns that you can fully customize – 100% royalty free.

  • 16-track realtime linear pattern-based sequencer
  • Onboard mixer with 60+ preset effects that you can customize
  • Professional sampler with advanced sample editing tools
  • MIDI controller support
  • Training videos
  • Free software updates for life
  • Professional support from your own pro audio support engineer
  • VST/AU plugin support (upgrade)

Short BTVSolo Overview

BTV Professional Music Production Software works as a standalone application or with your DAW as a VST or AU plugin (optional). If you are inspired, BTV will help you get your ideas out faster. If you’re short on inspiration, BTV has a massive sound library and a simple interface to get your creative juices flowing. Whether this is your first software for making beats or if have decades in the game BTV is going to help you make the kind of music you’re looking for.

Create Full Songs
Sequence beats in just 5 minutes. Use your computer keypads to tap out a quick beat or connect your MIDI keyboard.

Arrange Quicker
Easily arrange your patterns into full radio-ready songs complete with intros, choruses, verses and drops either on-the fly with real-time export or using the built in linear pattern-based sequencer in Song Mode.

Customize Anything
Edit your patterns, entire kits or instruments, tweak individual samples or customize preset effects. Record new samples, keyspan, autochop, and apply editing tools to craft brand new instruments with drag and drop simplicity.

Share With Flexbility
Enjoy maximum flexibility with one button Export. Quickly bounce out your Patterns, Songs, Tracks or individual Pads at studio quality 16 or 24-bit WAV files for use in other audio editing applications.

BTVSolo Artist Testimonials

“It is what they say it is and more. It’s about time something came out for the people with ADD lol and true love and passion for the game… and its a monster! When you put in all the other features sampling, auto chop, 16-track, and effects it’s power house.” ThaWiz78, Las Vegas, NV

“I was one of the first to get the Beat Thang software… So many sounds to choose from … I am really pleased that I finally have it! ATR- All 2 Real!” Madsyntis, Daytona Beach, FL

“Does it all on every level. Game changer for beat making…music sequencing in general.” Namedroppa, LA

“Simple and easy to use right out the box. Loaded with a lot of sounds. Even my 2yr old can make a beat with the BTV. One word- AMAZING!” Pjblues, Wadsworth, Oh

“The Beat Thang is an answer to prayer for any musician wanting to put a little hop into their hip. I love the range of beats. Couldn’t be better! Everyone who has an interest in music should check this out! I’m loving mine!!!” Hipmama, Georgia

“I’m new to making music and all I have is BTV but I love your guy’s design and the tutorials you have set up to help not only learn the system but learn how to create. Thanks for putting in the hard work to do something right.” Eddie Copeland

“This program helps you get your beats down and rocking quickly, easy to use, sounds are kickin’ and no Load Time, I LOVE it…a Virtual MPC with an awesome feel .. Peace~” Randall Y. Segal

“I was amazed by the preset sound library and the ease of use.” Darien Brody

“Ridonculously excellent! Thank u for making this! Props from Panama!” Pablo Maestrey

“This is the future…”
Teddy Riley, Artist, Songwriter, and Producer: Blackstreet, Robin Thicke, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, DJ Quik, Snoop Dogg. Boyz II Men et al.

“I think its brilliant. I got mine.”
“If you are a real producer then you’re familiar with these guys. I’m going to be on it before y’all [laughs]!” Jermaine Dupri, Iconic Producer/Artist: Janet Jackson, Usher, Bow Wow, et al

“I’ve got mine. I’m using it.”
Drumma Boy Artist and Producer: Young Buck, Young Jeezy, T.I., Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, Nelly, T-Pain, Usher, Ciara, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Soulja Boy, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Master P, E-40, Monica, Lil’ Jon, Tech N9ne et al.

“One of the greatest inventions in music.”
“The functionality…is really great. I think it’s laid out very well for a producer.” Tricky Stewart, Grammy Winning Producer: Beyonce – “Single Ladies”, Rihanna – “Umbrella”, Ludacris, Mary J Blige, Katy Perry – “Teenage Dream”

“This is for real.”
“What you have here… is something that you haven’t seen before. This is for real. You’re going to hear a lot more about it.” Commissioner Gordon, Multiple Grammy Winning Engineer/Mixer: The Roots, Lauren Hill, Damien Marley, et al

BTVSolo Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Why do I only have Demo drumkits, instruments, and sample folders?
A: To load the other sounds…
in BTV at the top of screen click “file” and then “content” to load content(all the original BTV sounds)
You’ll have to double click to download and then close and reopen BTV to see the sounds in the media browser.

Question1: How does my BTV not have sound?
Question2: Why does the sound crackle so much(pc users)?
Question3: I downloaded asio4all and I don’t see it in my BTV audio settings
A(answers both Q1, Q2, and Q3) If you downloaded and installed asio4all and don’t see it in audio settings, don’t worry about it, you may not need it. Go to BTV system settings, click “system” and set your audio input to “none” and adjust audio output till you get sound
Also try increasing your latency in BTV system settings.
Let me know if this helps.

Question: How do I set up my Beat Thang to work with BTV
Answer: For BT controller mode follow instructions below:
Connect BT hardware to computer with USB cable.
On BT hardware make sure midi port b output is set to “out”.
On the BTV make sure your midi port input is set to Beat Thang
The on the Beat Thang hardware press the soft key for controller to enter controller mode. You should be able to control BTV with the hardware now.
Once you are in controller mode you can then control BTV with the BT hardware.

Question: What does “moving core to SD” mean?
Answer: This means your BT experienced a crash, and is now moving the crash log to your SD card.
To avoid “moving core to SD” insert SD card after BT is fully loaded up.

Question: Why does my email come up as invalid when I enter my email to validate BTV?
Answer: If there is any anti virus protection on computer, you need to adjust it, it’s probably preventing BTV from validating. Also you have to be connected to the internet to authorize

Question: How do I import samples into BTV?
Answer: You can import wav. samples into BTV by placing your samples in the samples folder as follows:
MAC: Documents> BeatThang> Samples
PC: Documents> Beat Kangz> Virtual Beat Thang> Data> Samples
Then you will find your samples in kit, inst, and sample mode under “user samples”.
You will need to make kits and instruments out of samples before you can use then in pattern mode.

Question: How do I import samples into Beat Thang Hardware
Answer: You have to place samples on an external drive(sd card or USB drive)
formatted for Beat Thang. Use instructions in this video to format:
Once formatted place wav. samples in samples folder of external device.
You will find samples in kit, inst, and sample mode on BT device, once external device is connected BT. You have to make kits and instruments out of samples, before using them in pattern mode.

Hip Hop Beat Making Software – Your Own Hip Hop Tracks?

If Hip Hop is your favorite kind of music, then you may have wondered if there was a way to produce your very own hip hops beats. You might think that in order to do this you need some expensive software that would set you back a few thousand dollars. In the past this was correct, as hip hop beat making software was very pricey, but in recent years this has all changed, and there is now some affordable options for every type of budget.

Before using hip hop beat making software

A good way to get into making your own hip hop tracks is to study what is popular right now. What kind of songs are selling lot’s of copies and riding high in the charts? How are these tracks structured and layered? What kind of beats are they using? By doing this, you will have a better understanding of exactly what is required to produce a winning hip hop tune that people would actually want to listen to.

Enter the hip hop beat making software

Once you have these things figured out, then you are ready to start using one of the budget friendly beat making programs available on today’s market. One of the key elements of these programs is that they are very easy to use, meaning you do not require any experience in producing tracks or working in a professional recording studio.

They also come equipped with thousands of sounds and samples, so you will never be at a loss for inspiration when making your own hip hop beats. These sounds come in high quality WAV format, which is exactly what the professionals use, and not the lower quality MP3 which is only suitable for online use.

What hip hop beat making software should I use?

We have tested many different beat making programs, and in our opinion BTV Solo is the best option available to the budding hip hop producer. The reason for this is it’s ease of use, massive range of samples and great price that is affordable for just about everyone.

Ease of use

Btv Solo comes with a set of easy to read instruction manuals that will get you on the path to making hip hop beats in no time at all. The software works on just about any computer, so unlike other software programs that crash all the time, using BTVSolo is a joy to use and a completely painless experience.


You get access to a range of high quality sounds and samples, that will give any track that professional touch. When your friends hear the tracks you are producing, they will think that it has just come out of a professional recording studio.


BTV Solo is probably the best hip hop beat making software because of the cost. At the current time of writing, the price is reasonable at under $50, meaning it is suitable for people on a budget, but the quality is not comprised. Add to this the fact that the price includes free upgrades for life, and it is easy to see why BTV Solo beat making software is being used by thousands of people around the world.